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Online Catalogue | Stator Kits |  STK-152 - Stator Kit -Bultaco Pursang dual spark

STK-152 - Stator Kit -Bultaco Pursang dual spark

Bultaco Pursang: - Dual Spark
STK-152 - External  Rotor Stator Kit
STK-152 - External Rotor Stator Kit for Bultaco PursangRotor detailRotor detail - Timing marks

STK-152 - External Rotor Stator Kit

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Price:  235.00 / 265.55
(282.00 / 318.66 Including VAT at 20%)


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  • Self generating CDI Ignition for strong reliable spark.
  • Very low speed spark output from only 150rpm.
  • Easy starting and excellent trials performance.
  • Timing advance is fully electronic with advance curve, essential for trials engines.
  • External pick-up gives accurate and adjustable timing with no variance with temperature.
  • Flywheel has similar weight to the original to give the correct engine characteristics.
  • Easy to fit without the need for specialist engineering facilities.
  • Flywheel rotor weight: 1.7kg          Complete Kit weight: 2.5kg.
  • No lighting version available for this kit.
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  • Most of parts are manufactured by Electrex World in the UK.

Online Catalogue | Stator Kits |  STK-152 - Stator Kit -Bultaco Pursang dual spark

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