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Online Catalogue | CDI units |  CD3500 - CDI Unit

CD3500 - CDI Unit

Yamaha: TZ350
CD3500 - CDI unit

CD3500 - CDI unit

Many of these items are made to order.
We will advise you on any delay.

Price:  150.00 / 171.00
(180.00 / 205.20 Including VAT at 20%)

  • Our parts are direct replacements for the OEM CDI.
  • Each CDI is factory tuned and tested and comes with a six month limited warranty.
  • The Digital CDI-unit is developed for optimal racing performance.
  • Made from state of the art technology and based on 25 years of experience in motorcycle-electronics.
  • It comes with all the required connectors and wiring, making replacement of your standard CDI as easy as possible.
  • Your engine will start easier and will run at the highest possible performance.
  • The timing curve has been developed on a dyno and tested under race conditions.
  • All units deliver massive gains on the track, where you'll really notice the difference.

We are able to offer a CDI test & repair service for many road bikes - please call or email for more info.

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Online Catalogue | CDI units |  CD3500 - CDI Unit

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